Innocence Unlock’d

Or, How the Dollies Will Play…
Edit: I’ve added an entry about influences & inspiration

This tale of some very naughty girls is not suitable for youngsters, viewing at work, viewing with your mother looking over your shoulder, or at the library where you will surely be asked to leave forthwith. In other words, would you like to come upstairs to see my etchings?

Mr. Kallisti carved the equipment out of wood, and made the leather harnesses as well. I love him.

16 thoughts on “Innocence Unlock’d”

  1. Naugthy indeed!!
    Where did you find those??
    My godness..awesome…lack of words..Sade.

  2. Sorry about the “where did you find these?”
    How could I have missed the last sentence of the story?…maybe too naugthy for me!!!

  3. Ha! I had to view it a few times, but she’s sitting on a chamber pot!
    That’s cool.
    Chile spoons to dildos, is there anything he can’t carve?
    Xo Xo

  4. Bravo!
    Both the husband and I totally loved the whole thing, though the man-Creetch did express a desire for “more details” heh, heh.
    I think this is one of the only photo-stories I have seen that, and this is for lack of a better word, but this has an authenticity to it -it’s so accurate and detailed and the tone is spot on.
    You friggin’ rock.

  5. this. is the BEST. thing. EVER.
    you were already my favorite dolly photographer by far, but now you have taken it to a level i never even imagined possible. WOW!!!!!!!!
    thank you.

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