Influences & Inspiration

Thank so much to everyone and your lovely comments on my naughty etchings. That was the best feedback ever. The shoot has been months and months in planning, and there are still things that I would have done differently (those damn Louis XIV heels!), but I was so tired of putting it off.
And the girls were antsy ^_^
In any case, I wanted to share a bit of my inspiration and resources. I’ve been fascinated with vintage erotica for years. And not just old cheesecake. It was Aretino’s etchings and Rochester’s poetry that sent me off on this quest, nigh on 15 years ago. And I’ve since amassed a sizable library of erotica, from rather ancient times to 1950’s burlesque.
One of the things that tickled me the most really, was how much of the things we do, modern egoists that we are, they’ve been doing for millenia. Nether region depilitation? Done. Bondage? Done. Crossdressing? Done. Sadism? Done (and long before deSade!). Frigging with inanimate objects? Done, done and done. Dildos and suchlike have been popular for centuries. I wish someone would pen a history of the dildo. The stuff online is very scanty and some of it woefully innacurate.
They were made out of wood, ivory, leather and similar materials. Used independantly or with harnesses. DeSade had his wife smuggle them in varying sizes, shapes and materials into prison for him.
In any case, I ain’t makin’ this up. Images below are, of course, not work safe.

1. Madame Pompadour had a painting by Boucher in her boudoir of court ladies picking through a basket of dildos as if they were choosing a piece of fruit. This is a copy, original no longer extant.
2. 18th century carved ivory dildo apparently was equipped to simulate ejaculation out the end by squeezing a cloth sack at the base.
3. & 4. French illustrations circa 1830