Imogen & Lizzie

Angelregion “Only For You” Notdoll Cossette in milky white resin. Mew! Her name is Imogen, and she’s Lizzie Lou’s sister. They did a fantastic job on my face-up request. She’s very delicately and thoughtfully painted. Lovely details! I might plump her lips up a bit, is all. She came in a black box w/ purple pillows and silver card w/ artist signature. Nice, nice package! The milky white resin is pure white! Pearly like the crystal rose resin, but whiter.
And um, Angelregion’s xmas prezzie for previous customer’s? Imogen’s outfit. It is so lovely! A beautiful li’l sailor collared, pintucked black cotton dress, bonnet and bloomers. OMG. So she’s a complete doll! She came with the little silver bob wig that I trimmed within an inch of its life.

O, look! Lizzie’s ready for bed too…

Oops. Lizzie’s hit the Godfrey’s Cordial, she so sleepy! The Cordial is Nursey’s little helper…

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  1. She’s soooooo cute! I love her chubby sheeks and her little lips! Lately I’ve felt really tempted by that sculpt – she’s SO cute and I love her in her new habitat!

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