Imogen is a star!

Angelregion has added UFK kits for tan & milky white. And the sample doll for milky white is my Imogen! I’ve been trying to find the perfect wigs for her. And each time I order from Audreys or Kemper hers are out of stock. Meh.
I miss my dollies, been so busy. And we’re picking up my chihuahua tomorrow! So more busy. I’m wondering out loud if I should resign my modship on DoA. Work is so demanding which renders me totally useless and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I can’t mod from work hardly except to poke in and then I work more when I get home. I don’t feel that I’m giving back and am starting to feel guilty, its not fair to the other mods who work so hard!
Melissa (kitten princess) took me shopping at her pet store yesterday. I got this:
Puppies legs are so long though, I’m wondering if it will be too short for her. Got most of the doggie basics. Woo!
EDIT: yes, puppy legs were too long and we had to return it :p

One thought on “Imogen is a star!”

  1. Thank you so much for posting these links of stuff you’re buying – I bought the blouses you posted lately from Old Navy and LB and loooove them. You could start a side business and be a personal shopper! Bringing you only the best in Modern Victoriana.
    As to DoA, is it that you feel bad or would it also be a relief to be completely freed from the responsibility?
    The former I’d say would only be an issue if there was an outright standard you weren’t fulfilling, some rule I don’t know about. So unless someone is complaining, I’d just send a note to Aimee explaining that it’s been a busy season and you feel bad and you’re willing to turn in the badge if she feels you’re setting a bad example.
    If it’s the latter, then pshaw, the answer is obvious.
    DoA is in no danger of falling apart, I don’t think. And that way you could spend more time on THIS site! Muah ha ha ha. Anyway, that’s how I’d look at it.

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