I’m sorry unemployment gods

I couldn’t live without these.

by Doll Heart. (coordinated q-tip not included)

Um, I’m going to have to make an outfit just to go with these shoes.
Also, the new Joann’s Fabric near me is a revelation. The Emeryville and old Richmond locations used to be so ghetto. Ass crap stores with half empty shelves and a total mess. Well, when they moved the Hilltop location across the way a couple months ago I didn’t think much of it. But I needed some notions and went up there this morning. Wow. It is like a hybrid of Joann’s and Michael’s. Very impressive. And groovy halloween section to boot. I still had to go to Michael’s for white grommets though, because the Joann’s scrapbooking section isn’t quite as complete as Michael’s.
Anyway. Neat.