I’m just sayin’

Not only is it really lovely that Volks created english translation of all their booklets and paperwork that come with your FCS, they’ve also included this handy little flyer:

Hello, even were these not half-finished kits, all plastic mold dolls have seams, dummy! Barbie has seams, Tonner dolls have seams… all kinds of fancy molded dolls have seams. Most Volks (and other companies) seams are not too noticeable. Some are moreso than others. But whatever! Only my first few dolls have sanded seams (and I just sold sylvie’s original body), and I opted for sanding on the FCS because they’d do it for me! Yay! The only one I really want sanded now is the LA one-off, she’s got pretty wicked seams. I think unless you are blushing and coating, why bother and who cares?
Just sayin’.

One thought on “I’m just sayin’”

  1. The seamlines issue is sorta bizarre to me. I think on this side of the pond, it’s the clash of the collectors and customizers. Either way, I don’t think it’s a big issue!
    Also, I’m likely to be heading to California in a few weeks – San Diego area. Any interest in maybe trying to meet up? Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested!

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