I wish I had known.

I need to keep a better eye on Not Doll & Angelregion. Glory Angel Angelica Girl by Not Doll. Sigh… I love her face. Mew.

This is what I do when I’m waiting the indeterminate amount of time for a dolly to arrive (or not!)… I keep shopping.
Somebody stab me now, please.
I’d like to see more actual pix of Liz. Here’s the most flattering pic I’ve found of her face. Too bad it is decapitated.

I’m in love with her lips. They are so plump! And pensive.
On a side note, Bat and I had a phone interview with a reporter at the NYT this morning. They are doing a blurb on TV shows on DVD and wanted to talk to us about the “I, Claudius Drinking Game.” Heh. Not sure we’re the “phenomena” she was looking for, but lots of folks have written saying they’ve played it. Neat.

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  1. ah yes, the glory angel makeup is soooo nice in person, my friend has the girl GA ren, and its so detailed, so nice

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