I give up.

I just noticed, a moment ago, that only about 2 in 10 auctions for “liz” actually have the doll in hand. The rest are vouchers for future shipment of dolls… in SEPTEMBER. This means that those with dolls in hand are going sky high. I cannot, in good concscience, pay a $400+ markup. UGH.
I bow out. For the nonce. Ok, off to lick my dollie wounds now.

One thought on “I give up.”

  1. I agree with you, I am pretty upset about it myself. and stupid domuya doesn’t even reply to my e-mails…
    I wanted to get Arashi and Liz, but at this point I don’t even now anymore. Its very frustrating to have to pay so much for something to get it in september.
    I quess Volks did it again, they are the master of frustration.
    I don’t even imagine what is going to happen with the after event, plus pretty much nobody got the dolls so everyone will try for the after event making it imposible to buy anything, like last time , probably crashing their site….etc etc etc. unless is a loterry.
    I can’t take it anymore.
    Like you I GIVE UP!!

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