How do they know?

Riiiiight. Volks announces an LA mini dolpa I need to save for and within 24 hours I have two LE outfits on the way :p
First was the Ajumapama Twinkle White I got for el cheapo (relatively speaking *cough-cough*) on ebay:

… and then Dollheart just went and channeled my brain and did all my sewing for me. Don’t this look just like something that would pop fresh baked out of blastmilk? Also, it looks straight out of an old Russ Meyer’s film. Ha!

Available in their Ebay shop, along w/ cutie cute maid outfit.
I’ve been pretty quiet on the dolly shopping lately. So this is all rather alarming. Stop with the cute! Argh!
Oh, and Mr. Kallisti found a delivery notice from Volks in our mailbox and actually went scouting around the neighborhood to catch up with Eric the Postman and found him! I’ll have the Gigantic HUGE Volks book to moon over all evening. *winks at Nikittin*
And did I mention there’s to be another event at the Volks Mansion in August!?!?! Aieeeeeeeeeee!

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