Holy Crap.

We just ate the best food ever. A newish place across the street next to the Pacific East Mall called “Saigon: Seafood Harbor”
Man, O man. That was the best food ever. And it was served all fancy like on very artsy craftsy pottery plates. The fried chow mein was insane. I got the combination and it had mystery seafood in it. And guess what!?!? I just put it in my mouth! And I liked it! I think we determined after that they were scallops. A little backstory: I’ve had severe seafood phobia most of my life and have been trying over the past ten years or so to chip away at it. This was a brave moment for me. Yay. The potstickers came with a fancy pink vinegar with ginger shreds in it. And the spicey shrimp were deeeelectable. Oh, and the tea. Tasted like perfume. Wow.
We’ve been eating like kings for my birthday weekend. I was so hyped up angry from work friday that I demanded sushi when I got home and lots of it. Went to Kasuga’s and totally had a feast. And they are so friendly and yummy. Oh, and we had “godzilla rolls”… how can you pass up Godzilla Rolls!?!? They were tempura’d and deep fried yellow tail rolls, with red hot chili paste squirted on them. I figured it was Godzilla’s firey breath that cooked them.
And then, for my birthday, we went to Ajanta, the World’s Most Exquisite Indian Food ™ and again, totally pigged out with a feast. Again, super nice and friendly service and a huge mural opposite our table with lots of naked frolicking people. Nipples! At dinner time! Yay!
And then, whoops! Just got these off of DOA:

No, not Cyndy! But the thin green Zouki eyes. Thank you Aimee for your new forum with the “Marketplace”!!!! And thanks to Gloria who sold them to me. They are 22mm and my girls usually wear 20mm, but I thought they would look good with big green swimmy eyes. I have determined that pale, pale eyes are my favorite. And good eyes, with everyone shutting down, are SO HARD to get. Ok, but… um. I shouldna bought anything. That whole saving money thing, which I’ve been doing good at recently, but it really has to be a priority. :p