H.Naoto Super Dollfie Collaboration

Um… uh oh! I think this must be the special girl President Shigeta mentioned. Dolpa 16, yo. Dec. 24th.

“h.NAOTO× super dollar fee” collaboration model & dress collection sale decision!“
Super dollar fee” of [bokusu] and the [korabo] limited collection “of h.NAOTO” with “[doruzu] party 16” of December 24th opening preceding sale decision!
[kodeineitokorekushiyon] “of h.ANARCHY” “h.jelly” “h.jelly&Honey” “Rocker’s H Baby” is sold especially as the first limited edition! h.NAOTO in the body the [ma] in the flat tire & the Gothic super dollar fee which are taken 乞 [u] expectation!!

Did you get all that? Dollies AND clothes. She’s like Momoko II. Watch this space.