5 thoughts on “Have you seen?”

  1. I think that a name like Marquise should fit her…
    Or Madeleine as in the Comtesse de Segur stories!
    Probably you had something more exotic in mind though.
    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

  2. OMG!!!! How Pretty!!! She reminds me of the girl from the movie the Fifth Element. Damm, what was her name? Oh well, I like Karia or Kira, or Kiria. ^_^

  3. I just barely squeezed under the wire with the preorder last weekend. I love the name Liebchen but my little girl will be called “Meile”….unless I think of something better before she arrives. 😛

  4. Where’s her clothes? Ain’t she gonna catch her death out there?
    I’m walking around attempting to bend my torso in the same place as hers, it hurts. I don’t make a good dollie.

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