Haute Doll, woo!

Still haven’t gotten my subscription issue, but Barnes and Noble down the street finally got them in. But only had two copies left! *glares at Melissa*
In any case, here’s the article. YAY. Sans pattern cuz you have to buy it :p Special thanks to Bat for being my proof reading guru. Mwah!

Um, and look at this little fella. OMG. Souldoll Boy Griffi. Actual pix do so much for him! *covet*

3 thoughts on “Haute Doll, woo!”

  1. Oh yay!! Your article is so wonderful. I am so glad to see your beautiful creations getting the plublicity they deserve!

  2. i want to buy the mag but i dont think i will be able to in the uk.
    please someone help me i want to read the full article and make the corsets :O)

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