Happy Birthday Fifi!

Today, Fifi Mahony is two years old! I thought I’d create a little retrospective of my bad face-ups all her various looks. Last time I redid her I had every intention of doing something completely different, but she would have none of it.
So! Two years ago today I got my first big box of dolly doom! And tomorrow, I pick up my second SD13 white FCS girl. Funny that they are so close together! Uncanny really. O, the aquarius’ will be out to get me!
Fifi arrived w/ totally not the face-up I had requested from one of the only sources then available at the time. You weren’t even sure what the FCS choices were and I was told I was lucky I got the wig I requested 0_o. I never would have believed then that in two years I would be ordering FCS in our own LA sumika w/ Mikey! *swoon*

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fifi!”

  1. happy birthday fifi! me love uu!! ^__^ I’m so excited about your new lovely coming in, I bet she’ll be stunning!

    Your animated gif is so cool…I can actually hear the cellophane crinkling.

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