Happy Bastille Day *cough*

(k, so I’m workin’ late and didn’t get these posted yesterday. meh.)

And this, my friends, is why we love glass eyes:

Just look at ’em glow.
So I’ve missed out holding my Bastille Day Picnic for a couple years. Poop! I’ll post the pix from um… 2001? Eep! Long time ago. Before the Big Dark fell.

The Princesse de Lamballe! Our mascot… the picnic was held at the back of a wee meadow in Golden Gate Park. In the summer San Francisco is VERY FOGGY and this day was no exception. We were all very cold. Heh.

Marina, Tamera & Ryan. Meh. Loves.

Beth and the infamous Baby Head Parasol™

Bat doffing the doubly infamous Absinthe Bread Pudding™ by Emi. This stuff was wicked good. And made you tipsy.

Me um, drinking. Wearing the fabulous wee working guillotine pendant made for me by Laszlo. Who rocks. And the Bastille Day bloomers made by Tamera, who also ROCKS THE CASBAH HARD!

The Group. All my loves…

Ta-dah! The Piece de Resistance! The cake, thanks to The Cake Gallery (made famous by their x-rated cakes, but they can also do silly stuff like this!)

4 thoughts on “Happy Bastille Day *cough*”

  1. Holy chit – rawk!
    You can totally peep Mz. Trinian’s lil pinky nips through that dress too >__< SO SAUCY!
    Loving the bodiless hed day celebration pics, that parasol is coveted heh heh.

  2. Famously snazzy bloomers you have there.
    Miette and Trinian look snappy too. For a second I thought Miette had her hand shoved into her coat ala Nepolean.
    Wait.. you guys’s bloomers match!

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