Feb 01, 2006
Despite many months of attempting to locate stock on the item(s) shown
below, we have been unsuccessful. We have contacted the manufacturer and
understand that, at this time, they have no plans to produce any more in
the foreseeable future. As such, we have removed the following item(s)
from your outstanding order.
>GNZB-521, Super Clear UV Cut Flat
If you have any other sources for this, we recommend that you use them as
we doubt we will be able to get additional stock.
Thanks for your patience, and thank you for using HobbyLink Japan.
Tomonori Ozawa
HobbyLink Japan

Whatamigonnado!??!?!?! Ugh. I have three cans but a whole bundle of commissions and projects in the line-up. Hopes to get some regular non-uv. Meh.

2 thoughts on “Gulp!”

  1. omg….
    i have just had some normal flat mr. super clear posted to me from hlj so hopefully you can get that still ^-^

  2. heyoo, I tried sending you a message but it would’nt work >< i’m interested in your faceup services 😀 could you email me with prices and whatnots <3<3 thanks so much

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