Greetings from the S.S. Volks!

mnd053.jpg This is the sort of thing that can totally make your day.
Jeanie (aka ranmanekineko) says to me:

Having grown up a tomboy preferring Thundercats and GoBots to Barbies, I was shocked to find how beautiful and chock full of attitude your dollfies could be! As an artist at heart, I loved the idea of being able to really make a doll ‘mine’. So, as homage to you, I doodled a lil curly haired sailor girl, because it’s all you fault I fell so hard for dollfies!

CUTE. So sweet. And not a little bit awesome. I’d buy that dolly.

Puts on sailor cap and skips off into the distance whistling “‘What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?”

2 thoughts on “Greetings from the S.S. Volks!”

  1. ranmanekineko is so sweet! That is a great picture! What a nice thing to do!
    Cheers to Jeanie!

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