Girls with bloo eyes

See. I have been busy.

After watching the Casanova BBC series all in one day I was inspired. The costuming was very fanciful. Bright jewel tones and sherbet colored froofy dresses. Very 18th century Alice in Wonderland. The pattern is from Dolly Dolly #6. Fantastic, though there are some things I will change, next time. Not sure if I like the ribbon gathering in the skirt. Meh. I giggled when I was picking out the fabric from my bin. Why the heck not! Even sewing with lime green and hot pink thread all day tickled. I need some Louis XVI heels for the girls though. And stockings. I wonder if takes requests.
Ginevra is wearing a vintage dress w/ matching panties with one of my corsets over the top. Disguises the fact that the dress doesn’t really fit over her boobs well! And check out the new dollheart boots. Meow, meow.

4 thoughts on “Girls with bloo eyes”

  1. Gorgeous as always, Miss K. I love the little pink buttons on the front!

  2. Green and summery raspberry pink… yummmmm.
    So sorry to hear you are still waiting on your Liz. I see the heads and outfits on JY and I wish I could buy one for you to put you out of your Liz pain. : – ( well, chin up Kallisti!

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