4 thoughts on “Girlfriends”

  1. Hi Kallisti:
    I just love your Liz!!
    In fact it was your girl that started my obssession with Liz…I now have a Liz of my own…
    She truly has that timeless appeal…
    Oooo, I can’t wait to sew for her!!
    Thanks for inspiring me with your Liz!!
    Steph C.

  2. I have lurked quite a while on your beautiful blog and I must say that Ondine is Gorgeous in that wig! You did a great job on it! Thanks for the wonderful eye candy, it brightened my day (or night to be accurate).

  3. I love your girls! Did you do the faceups? What doll is Ondine? She is just amazing and now, of course, I want her!!!
    Love love love your site,

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