Fuille Morte



Fifi is sampling some Berger 1905 vintage absinthe a friend sent over from Paris with her new absinthe spoon and glass made by another artisan friend in the States. I explained to her that vintage absinthe takes on a “dead leaf or fuille morte” color when the chlorophyl in the absinthe turns brown over time.

She’s also wearing dress by Lady Rosalia that mumma bought from Miss May! There was much rejoicing.

And this is for Miss May. Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “Fuille Morte”

  1. Lovely photos! That camera of yours is fab eh? I was reading up on Absinthe on your other site (very informative!), I’ve always wanted to try it, one of these days I’ll have to track some down, what’s your personal recommendation?

  2. Oh, don’t let Fifi get too carried away with that absinthe! She looks wonderful and I love your photos! Fabulous as always.

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