Flea Market Loot

Miette grabs a cold one! And shows off her new Acquire wig from Seph. I did some extensive trimming and shaping. I love the texture, these wigs were made for stylin’!

And now she shows off her Invader Zim wristbands from Hottopic! I knew that store was good for something.

Saturday we headed off early morning (10am) to the Laney College flea market in Oakland. All year, saturday & sunday, rain or shine. We get there and the parking lot was EMPTY. Instead of taking it on the chin we angrily head off to Martinez, our own antique store mecca. Apparently they were having a “Peddler’s Fare” on old Main Street, so we got our flea market afterall. Clicky click for pix of the loot!

Super Dollfie sized beer & soda bottles!
I’ve had a repro one of these that I got in China Town ten years ago that I *love*. I’ve seen the originals, from the 30’s & 40’s, go on ebay for quite a bit. This one was $10 and it’s internal noise maker still works. Woot!
And I’ve been dying for a Misty doll forever, circa 1965. Gonna clean her up and dress her like a stripper.
We actually already have a couple of these wooden snack bowls. But this was a complete unused set, they still have the “made in japan” sticker on the back. And the hand embroidered hotpads were so cheap and cute I couldn’t resist. Except the boy looks more like a pigboy than a boy or a pig. Hrm.

7 thoughts on “Flea Market Loot”

  1. Heh, I got the nautical star finger cuffs for my SD (which, sadly, does not exist yet 🙁 )
    How tall/big are those bottles? Inch-wise? I found a site with coke bottles that are 3 and some inches tall and I was wondering if your’s are as tall.
    I’m looking all over the place for SD sized things.
    BTW, Have you ever heard of Hit Clips? They make them to look like tiny cd players and cd’s! I do believe they’d be around the right size for SD’s. Maybe a bit on the small size… but close enough…
    Check it out perhaps… They come in all sorts of shapes and colors and with diffrent music. Just a suggestion…

  2. aaaaah Kallisti it�s really cool I wish I could find things like that here O.O aaaah I love the wooden snack bowls ^^

  3. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Harry Potter series but there is a evil little girl going to be in the new film called Pansy Parkinson…and I swear your doll looks so much like the girl who plays her with that wig !
    I love your website btw, I have been coming to visit and drool with my DP over the gorgeous clothes and pictures.Yummy goodness.

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