Fifi’s Flamingo

First day of summer and the jasmine is blooming fiercely right outside our windows. It is a whopping 87 degrees in El Cerrito, so the scent is heavy and gorgeous.

There’s been quite a few worried inquiries as to where Fifi had gotten to. Well. We’d sent her off to finishing school for young ladies for the acquisition of a few ladylike airs. She’s back, and though she suffered through the brief delusion that she wanted to become a nun, she’s much improved. She and Aurelie get along famously, thick as thieves they are. Phew!
But Aurelie wanted to show off her new bonnet. She was more than miffed that I so neglected her at the Wonderland Tea. Here it is finally. The pattern and instructions will be available in The BJD Orbyrarium from Haute Doll done by the fantabulous Judy, who was kind enough to have a dolly bonnet day long tutorial a while back. I totally loved making it. It is like a sculpture. All hand sewn. And each piece of fabric is sewn onto the bonnet frame and then blind stitched, or what have you, to the next piece. My instructor’s voice still rings in my ears: “NO VISIBLE STITCHES!” Quite a feat, I tell you. Now, to make a dress to go with. *falls over*

7 thoughts on “Fifi’s Flamingo”

  1. FiFi!XD
    we missed you, i’m glad your back and looking as beautiful as ever *^-^*

  2. FiFi!XD
    we missed you, i’m glad your back and looking as beautiful as ever *^-^*

  3. I do believe that Aurelie is my favorite now. I can’t believe what an incredible job you’ve done with her!

  4. I’m afraid to say I am dreadfully besotted with Aurelie, as tempted as I am to get a Belita girl myself I doubt she’d ever be quite as pretty.
    The bonnet is gorgeous too ^_^

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