Fifi’s back



Oh, how I missed her. Um, but it is getting too dark for photos so I’m gonna just post a couple. Her outfit really calls for bright outdoor sunshiney happy pix, we’ll get that tomorrow. She’s been entirely taken apart, stripped, washed, recoated, blushed and brand new face-up done. The coating makes her *squeak!*

And no more trussing dolly torture for travel! In less than a week we had won and received an old violin case off of ebay. $15 baby and it has purple felt lining. Mr. Kallisti is lovingly polishing the surface and fixing little bits. Ooooh, happy!


5 thoughts on “Fifi’s back”

  1. Domuya! They actually showed up on the old volks site for about 5 minutes last december and I’ve been trying to track them down ever since. Domuya finally got them in and as I was ordering someone ordered ALL the black pairs… so I got the pink and green. Heh.
    They are AWESOME.

  2. Maaaan, I missed out then! I do have a Volks set in black I got a long time ago but the bra is kinda weird. It’s padded and Mir already has boobies,…no padding needed!
    I also have a custom lingerie set (bra/panty/nighty,…all matching) I got from Yjapan a long time ago but I’d like other colors aside from black. Right now, Mir is wearing her nightie with the laceup Poshdolls kneehigh boots! Hehe!

  3. WOW! Fifi is amazing! The green is badass, and points on that violin case, I gave up looking for one a loooong time ago as every one I set my eye on went into the hundreds (eBay), I must’ve been looking at the wrong stuff, good deal!
    Where did you acquire such a lucious wig?
    PS: Prezzie is on the way to you, sorry for the delay!

  4. We saw a bunch of cases for for $10-$15 on ebay, I got this one cuz of the purple lining. It cost $10 to ship though too. But it’s perfect! It is a 31″ case, which seems to be pretty standard.
    The wig is a Volks wig, but I got it off ebay for half the price. Weee!
    And, um, don’t worry about the delay, you have the best reason EVER!

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