Fifi Mahony Mach II

In case anyone forgets Fifi is the star around here… she’s back to remind you.


While doing up Nicneven last weekend, I suddenly had the BRIIIILLIANT idea of re-doing Fifi. I’d had issues with her face-up since the beginning, but the fabu volks lashes totally made me forget whatever problems I had had with her. Almost.
I wanted to paint lower lashes proper like, goshdernit. The trick is a proper uber fine liner brush. Yup. Still, I sealed, painted, and wiped her FOUR TIMES last weekend. Mr. Kallisti, BA in art and all, gave me a hand, bless ‘im. Finally I just went to town on her and kept it. A bit heavier than I intended, but I wasn’t going to bed leaving Fifi with a blank face, heaven forefend! I left it for two days, thinking I’d wipe it right off. Then I thought I’d just live with it for awhile. I sealed it and dressed her, stood her on her perch. And hated it. Totally loathed it. For about four hours.
And suddenly, it began growing on me. I think part of it is the shock of seeing her differently. After a week, she’s Fifi again, but at first… yipes! I wanted to scrape it off with a knife.
She needs another coat of red and gloss on her lips. I didn’t think I was keeping the face so I didn’t really finish them. That will be next. My favorite part is actually the eyebrows. I’m improving. They are pale and wispy and EVEN. Mmmmm.
For the nonce, she’s keeping her starlet look. Until I get cocky again.
Fantastic Sailor Girl outfit by Cheerydoll. Beautifully made, all seams finished in a lovely fashion. Also tailored for the slender SD13 figure. What a treat!


Also, big news for the weekend… we bought a bed. A BED. A real bed. Two mattresses, with fluffy eurotop and everything. Cost a small fortune, more than my little car (which was cheap and used, btw). But oh my word! What were we sleeping on!?!?! Yeah, for two years we’ve had a ten year old full-size boxspring, supporting a queen futon with plywood in between for support. Gadzooks!
It honestly took some convincing the man that this was no longer acceptable.
I’ve got my princess bed back. Made it official by buying all new pillows. Mmmmmmm. Pillows.
Also, my Dolly Dolly 6 is MIA. Dammint! Grrr.

8 thoughts on “Fifi Mahony Mach II”

  1. Wow look at the closeup on Fifi’s face – her lashes are so perfectly gorgeous! I love her faceup – totally. It even shows up in the full body photo – it’s so striking and that outfit is so “Fifi” :D.

  2. Fifi looks FABU! I love it it! I just did my first face up on an Elf doll, who’s head is about the size of barbie’s, so doing lashes and such was out of the question. I finally got something I can look at without cringing. I know what you mean by redoing it 4 times!

  3. Those lower lashes are splendiferous, seriously, they are muy muy bonita. Especially in the new duds.
    And also, about the mattress, rock on chica, nothing worse than sleeping on craptacular bed things, we need to buy anew as well.

  4. wooooow, her new look is so beautiful ^_^ you did a great job^___^ fifi looks better than eva! and that dress is so cute

  5. I just realized that your Fifi and I have the same b-day. Either I just realized it, or I noticed it before and forgot.
    Anywho, Happy B-day Fifi! <3 Love the new look!
    My new doll shipped today, so she shall have the same b-day as well. (Usually I count the day she arrived, but I shall count today because I’ve been waiting long enough!) Woo-hoo for the 20th!

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