Fifi Mahony


Birthday: January 20th, 2004
Sign: Aquarius
Age: 19
Type: Volks FCS
Head: F-13 (Mimi Type)
Body: SD13 B-06 (Megu Type)
Skin: Old-skin Beauty White
Eyes: Volks Neosium (GE-15)
Wig: (default) W-4 Navy (C-23)
Esthetics: by Kallisti

I came home one day and found Fifi in my bathroom knee deep in my cosmetics bag. She had the lash curler in one hand and nail polish brush in the other. We never could get her to leave.

She’s definately the alpha female of the group, and gets very cranky with the other girls for borrowing her wardrobe and body all the time. She’s very proud of her lithe, creamy white figure. She looks more and more like a drag queen the older she gets.

Fifi is an Aquarius with a Gemini rising. She is one psycho dollie. Venus in Pisces. Mars in Aries. Mercury in Capricorn. Basically, Fifi is detached, airy, and prone to crying jags and road rage when she doesn’t get her way. A destructive drama/glamour queen!

Glad Fifi is inanimate — aren’t you?

Thank you to Bat for the astrological analysis. Mwah!

About: I waited sooo long for her to come home. Saved for many months
and then 6 weeks from the time I ordered the FCS from Rudi she arrived!
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