Fifi goes to the beauty parlor

We wasted no time in getting Fifi taken apart, blushed, and esthetized.

It is a breeze with help, but I could totally see how the process would make me cry if I had to do it alone. Hemostats are invaluable.
The husband did most of the sanding, bless ‘im, while I did the coating, blushing, coating, painting, and coating. We used Krylon Matte Coat and lucky for me it dries super fast.
Since her previous lashes melted when we tried to melt the glue Volks used to glue down her eyelashes I used some purple ones I bought ages ago. They worked out real well!
Please note her spiffy new pink vinyl 18th cent. style corset. I drafted the little bastard myself and it actually kinda fits. Happy! Not stiff enough, but I wanted it to cling to her body so didn’t want to actually wire it. I like… not I just have to make the rest of the outfit for it. Hrm.

7 thoughts on “Fifi goes to the beauty parlor”

  1. So you don’t do that while eating toast at the breakfast table?
    Oh man, just had a bacon cheeseburger and my mind had frozen shut.
    Time to make a pot of black eyed peas …

  2. Niiiiice corset. 😉 You’re so good at making your own patterns, I’m very jealous. It looks like a real corset, especially with the different colored lining. Did it take long? I also like the new faceup – i think she suits your family of dolls better now.

  3. The pattern making (or adapting rather) is hard and I struggle at it. I am surprised this came out so well! I used a people pattern out of a historical costumers book, but there was a lot of adjusting due to the fact that there is nothing to squish!
    The pattern drafting took a couple of hours of drafting, fitting in cheapo fabric, and redrafting etc.
    And then the actual corset sewing didn’t really take long, except for hammering all those grommets. Whew!
    Re: the face-up! I forgot to paint her bottom lashes, which I totally meant to do. Heh. Not necessary I guess, but I might jot them in soon anyway.
    I still owe you a pirate pattern! Gack, I got disracted :/

  4. Heh, I forgot to mention that I like the purple eyelashes a lot! They’re very pretty… and not as boring as black. My little MSD just has black. Does having a doll that big weird you out at all?
    And don’t worry bout the pirate pattern… I tried the soft sculpture and came to the realization that I regally suck at soft sculpture… so that project is most likely not happening! 🙂
    I don’t care what you say – I am still impressed by the corset.

  5. The size is amazing. She’s like a baby I want to drag around the house like a three year old. I got her another big fluffy chair that sits by my monitor :O
    I like the purple too! I bought them from D&H 6 months ago, because, well, I’d never seen them sell those before. And boy am I glad they did because the black ones melted when trying to soften the hot glue to take out her eyes.
    I’m tickled that the corset came out as well as it did. I do have some mangled half finished other projects that didn’t bode well, so I was surprised this one came out ok. Now she just needs a poufy skirt.

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