Fairy Bloo Fifi


Thanks be to Janet for putting together the Soul Doll group order, I got two pairs of acrylic eyes, pale green & pale pink. They are different than the macreative eyes. The white are a matte plastic. I think they look very pretty, if not as deep and luminous as the fine glass eyes.
And also thanks be to Mia for organizing the last Customhouse group order! In which I bought this lovely and ridiculous icey bloo fluffy wig. I LOVE IT.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Bloo Fifi”

  1. Eee, that wig suits Fifi very much! Her bra is cute, too.
    I love how you make the green bit of fur look like a floating bit of island.

  2. I love it. She’s hilarious and makes me laugh! I loved how she looked sitting on the table when I set her down. So I set it up so she could be sitting. Photoshopped out her chair 😛

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