When it rains it pours. I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for a buncha stuff. Arrived at work today to see a PILE o’ boxes on my chair.
* package from domuya
* package from celga
* package from hlj.com
* package from natalie622
Um, I think that was it :/
On another, sadder note, I’m considering cancelling the DD order due to the fact that I have apparently paid for my preorder for Over the Stripes Blythe. Ugh. Yes, I was going to order BOTH of them. I figured with ebay, and OTS not due to ship til April 29th we’d be aok. Going to see what else I can throw up on ebay tonight. Then I’ll make the big decision. I’m not complaining mind you, I got tons of pretty things to play with. I just don’t want to miss out buying DD retail. Also, Mr. Kallisti likes her boobs.
In any case, expect lots of pix over the next few days, weeeeeee!

5 thoughts on “*eeep!*”

  1. EEEE! I love getting packages! Did you get anything good?
    I have also been selling like mad trying to save up for another dollfie…thank god for Ebay! Hope you get enough for your DD.

  2. I *did* get good stuff! Mostly clothes though. But really good clothes.
    Re: DD see my next post… looks like hlj.com is not selling them after all. Ugh.

  3. Getting prezzies is fun! I’ve been getting oodles of stuff in the mail lately too. Sorry to hear about the DD dilemma.
    Also, do you mind if I ask where you pre-ordered your OTS Blythe? I have never bought one and do not know of a reputable source…

  4. I preordered her from action-hq.com but they’ve stopped taking orders already saying they’ve already taken too many. so some of us might not even be getting ours.
    This hobby can be soooo frustrating.

  5. Arrrrg, mayhap Toy Tokyo will be able to help, I love their shop. Thanks for the info. I hope at least you get your preordered OTS ‘specially after the Hobby Link Japan thang.
    Over at DoA someone posted that the same thing happened with DD preorder too, that is just stinky.

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