dorry meme

stolen from everyone! because I can’t waste time at work dreaming about hot actors.

Which of your [bjd] dolls:
1. Is the pretty one? Demelza
2. Is the cute one? Miette
3. Makes you feel the most sentimental? Miette
4. Would you least like to meet in a dark alley? Fifi
5. Has the personality you feel the deepest affinity with? Fifi
6. Is the worst schemer? Fifi
7. Daydreams the most? Ginevra
8. Is the most spoiled? Ondine
9. Causes the most trouble? St. Trinian
10. Always gets forgiven for everything? Fifi
11. Is the most vain and self-centered? Fifi
12. Is the most fickle? Ondine
13. Tries to boss the others around? Fifi
14. Has the most bad habits? Ginevra
15. Lacks a conscience, or tries to pretend so? Fifi
16. Has a hidden [or obvious!] shy side? Demelza
17. Is the most sensitive? Demelza
18. Is the least sensitive? Fifi
19. Has a sharp tongue? Fifi
20. Is the most critical of themself? Ginevra
21. And/or everyone else? Fifi
22. Seems to look good in just about anything? Fifi
23. Is the most intellectual? Ondine
24. The least? Ginevra
25. Has the most emotional/mental problems? Ginevra
25. The least? Ondine
26. Watches the most TV? Um, no.
27. Has secret geeky passions/knowledge? Ondine
28. Likes junk food? Miette
29. Most extroverted? Fifi
30. Most introverted? Ondine
31. Most charming? Fifi
32. Most affectionate? Miette
33. The angriest? Fifi
34. The cynic? Ondine
35. The one with the best-hidden sneaky side? St. Trinian
36. Even a bit of a split personality? Ginevra
37. Throws tantrums? Fifi
38. Flirts the most? Demelza
39. Spends the most time alone? Ginevra
40. Is the most sociable? Demelza
However, I find most of these questions silly, and they make Fifi want to kick my ass for posting answers.