doot di doo

In reference to the good news here:
She needs eyes! We all know I like weird colors. And Sylvie comes with amazing cobalt eyes, but she’s going to need some of her own.

Purple Red, Purple, Red

I’m leaning towards the Purple Red. Gorgeous. Mmmmm.

I want a pair of darker eyes because all the ones I have so far are light and bright. But I thought maybe I should get her something softer, like the peach. Not dark, but have a beautiful antique look to them.
I also cleaned up her mouth in photoshop and softened the color. Gaaaaaah! I can’t wait. It’ll be a couple weeks + AT LEAST. Celga processing takes longer than buying direct.

3 thoughts on “doot di doo”

  1. Ohhh… go for the purple ones…. they fit well with the color on the lips!

  2. Mmm…my opinion is that the purple red is good, with the peach for when she dresses in a “softer” style. (you’re right, they do have a beautiful
    antiquey, Victorian kind of feel to them!)
    And congrats on getting her! ^^

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