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tiny update, please note the size of my thumbnail. it is wee. my bandwidth is large and costing me mucho dinero.
my long lost domuya order arrived today. whoopee! totally my fault, I put the wrong zip code on the shipping address and it took an extra week to find me. new pink froofy customhouse wig (so happy!) it is extra candy, as it is pink mixed with white. and cuuuuute little volks lolita outfit just in time for spring. it is a little dress and pantalooooooons with lots of lace edging and ribbon up the front.
how many pink wigs can a girl have!?!?! I still don’t have a volks pink wig. then I think I’m done.

4 thoughts on “domuya love”

  1. Oh sweet that’s the same color wig that my Rafael has. It’s really cool with the thin white in it. :3 Domuya’s like my favorite store now. Hehehe. I wonder what the quality difference between a Volks and CH wig is. I can’t seem to tell the difference so far. Lemme know if you figure any difference.

  2. Hello again ^_^ Your she looks fabulous! I’ve been coveting that same outfit but Domuya has it listed as sold out now >pooh<
    The wig looks great too, your girl is so lovely!

  3. So far I love the customhouse wigs, but both of mine are the same type. But they fit real good, w/ a sturdy cap. No slippage. And the hair is really silky, perhaps not quite as fine and delicate as Volks wigs.
    Aimee, you make me feel SO MUCH better, I only have 3. Phew!

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