Dolpa Osaka 3 preorder

The only thing better than Little Red Riding Toppi, is releasing the outfit in SD10 size for Dolpa this month! has posted that they will be taking preorders (or lottery) on the Dolpa LE’s and BTSSB outfits. Home Town Dolpa Osaka 3 Limited Items.

There is lots of happy going on, can’t wait for good pix of the rest of the outfits etc! I love Luna’s pooty mouth. And I love the wig. And, and…

3 thoughts on “Dolpa Osaka 3 preorder”

  1. I knew you’d be after that black outfit. 😀 Or was that me?
    I think Luna is a truly exquisite doll. The mold is really interesting, and she has a wonderful expression. She looks really unique. In fact, her personality is so strong that she doesn’t quite fit into my “family,” but I think she’d be a charming addition to yours. Are you thinking about it?

  2. ooh I just spent all my money! darnit. Papi & Puff are adorable and the red ridinghood outfits begs to be owned 🙁
    I wish you luck on getting the items you want 🙂

  3. No new dollies for me right now! But it makes me weep.
    I’m hoping for one of the BTSSB outfits maybe. But I need to sell some loot first! o_o

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