Dolpa NY 2 & Dollectable


It is official! Volks will be hosting the second Dolls Party in N.Y. on June 9-10.
At the last LA Tea they mentioned two full days, including a chance to order FCS. They have a headcount survey: let them know if want to come!
I won’t be going, because I’ll be in Europe June 8-23rd (or so) for an Absinthe Festival in Switzerland. Wow.
But not before I host two panels at our own local dolly convention: Dollectable! June 1st-3rd — Millbrae, CA (just south of SF!).


I’ll be doing a dolly corset panel and photo stage panel. I haven’t done this sort of thing before, so as it stands now I think it will be fun! It is a bit of a stretch for me to be doing this the weekend before I go to Europe (first time ever, omg) but I think this will be really super, we have such a wonderful and eclectic dolly community in the Bay Area.

Doll Companies and Manufacturers in Attendance at Dollectable!
Many doll manufacturers will be in attendance at Dollectable 2007! The list includes the following:
Angel Region
Doll In Mind (D.I.M.)
Soom Dolls
Narin Doll Korea
Serendipity Dolls
We are certain that there will be more to come in the future.
Our current list of vendors include:
Apple Avenue
The Junky Spot
Contemporary Artist Dolls
Oriental Boutique
Pepstar’s World
BJD Fanatic
OrangeBabyDolly Jewelry
Vitta Vera
Nave Kame
Her Delicate Strength
Halogen Designs

4 thoughts on “Dolpa NY 2 & Dollectable”

  1. I wish I could go to the DOLPA finally. too bad that you won’t be able, but for sure you’ll have great time in Switzerland. and hope you’ll like Europe!

  2. Being smack dab in the middle of the country, I feel really torn between these two events. I mean, going to both as well as working the week between would simply be too exhausting. I really want to go to the Dollectible because I know so many people have worked so hard to make it a reality! But oh, to miss another Volks Event, let alone a whole weekend affair… oh, what terrible problems we have. 😀
    I’m so happy you’re taking a proper vacation this year! It sounds so glorious and glamourous. I can’t wait to see the photos when you return!

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    it seems silly that i would add this comment on this entry…but i didn’t know where else to praise your site {^_^}

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