Dolpa Mind Blow


Volks posted details of the Sumika (clothing etc.) offerings for Dolpa. I’ve told myself that when they offer the “large milk part” (or “blast milk part”… ha!) for the white DD body that I would get one. I miss my DD. And I think Ermengaarde (Eun-U) could stand some huge gozangas for a bit, yeah?
And how do we feel about cute mushroom appliques? Very strongly. Brown is the new black this season. Strangely, I’m digging it. And those SD16 girl boots. Unfortunately I’m going to have to buy them and see if anyone can wear them. Dammint! I actually have picture saved in my inspiration folder of boots like that for the “gosh, I wish they’d make those for dollfie” factor. And voila! Maybe a SD13 girl stump? Teehee.
There’s some longing in regards to this Dolpa that I’m trying to make peace with (i.e. not buy).
On another note, I’m getting ready for a leetle tea (read: booze) party I’m having for Liz and Bat tomorrow. Liz is in town from New Orleans and I’m absolutely beside myself with glee. I spent last weekend in Reno with Todd and Ben, so I am sepulchritudinously replete this week. For real. I miss/love them all so much I have a little pain in my heart. I wonder sometimes how they put up with my dolliez, both Liz and Todd have a intravenous feed via LJ. But I figure I’m kinda doing the same things I’ve always done: Creepy, cute, petulant (sometimes headless) things in period costume, with bunnies. It’s the medium that has changed.
I haven’t posted about the Reno trip because I need to scavange the snaps off of le Marquis (Todd, dontcha know), who had the only working camera to hand. But there it is. We spent two glorious days in Reno last week. Ate crab. Swung from chandeliers in our rock star suite, and used the 348578 towels the staff had outfitted us with. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!