Dolpa Goodies ™

Volks is slowly posting all the goodies from the August twin dolpas.
They’re re-releasing the early White Rose favorites pumpkin pants for msd & the SD13 lingerie but NEW! with ribbons in pink and blue. I stalked YJP like a crazy stalking stalker trying to get those sets!

So, have at them, kiddies! Like the LA Tea one-offs, I already have my favorites… but what I really want is that blue swimset (?) that Nono is wearing.
You know, I secretly pine for a Nono. FCS Nono in white please, thanks!

I’m still in awe of the dolly releases. If anyone is getting Sweet Dream Kira or Nana, I’ll gladly buy the outfit/s from you! So dreamy!

I love this Sweet Dream Nana! She looks so grumpy compared to most of the ethereal dreamy SD Nanas…

“You lied to me again! You said you’re definitely gonna be out with me this time!”
Nana is in a bad mood.
You know that no one can stop her once she gets in this mood, don’t you?
What will make her happy??
Oh dear!

*dies hopeless retarded fangirl death*
Also, I need eyes, but I just don’t have the time to figger all these eyes out. Someone please to send me 16mm in smokey/mauvey/rust but not too dark & rilly rilly pale bloo, and 12mm in similarly fantastic colors. Oh, and you can add 8mm to that as well! *falls over*

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