Dolly Storage

Target : Simply Shabby Chic™ Armoire Chest – Sour Cream
I want that so bad fer my dolls. It is nice and oversized for oversized dolly storage, plus drawers! Biscuit has lately become the masked wig bandit, in the mean time all my dolls are bald and are constantly being knocked over. Why the latent evil tendancies!?!? He’s 2 1/2! Meh.
Bad kitty. But he wakes me up with kisses. What are you gonna do?
Our space is so tight. The stage would have to go… and then what? Not an option. Mr. Kallisti said wrapping the stage in razor wire was not an option either :p But pining for this has made me want to jettison everything. Heh. But there is no one thing to move or get rid of to make space. Casa Formica is full of 1/6th dollies and fits perfectly where it is. My work room is PACKED and already has two hutches and an armoir in it o_0. The bedroom is full of millions of books. and my dresser.
Woe, the tiny house! Wah, wah, wah. Shoot me.

3 thoughts on “Dolly Storage”

  1. Didn’t you say the dolly stage folds flat, Mrs. Kallisti? (^ ^) Perhaps, if you folded that flat and stored it away and used it when needed, you could buy the dolly storage and keep them both… (^ ^) Maybe you could even keep the dolly stage IN the dolly storage?
    The dolly storage would work good for keeping kitties (nyan!) and dust and other things from messing up the dolls and their clothes/wigs/ect… no? :3

  2. We bought this dresser for our daughter’s b-day last month and let me tell you, it works perfect for her Pullips and BJD. The only drawback is that the box is way heavy and it takes a bit to put together.

  3. Neat! I was at the Colma Target Greatland 3 weeks ago and I grabbed my husband and said OMG the armoire/dresser would be perfect for my BJDs and can I buy it. He said no. I kinda already have enough furniture for 2-3 households and it did look like it weighed 5.7 tons, so I didn’t push for it. But your mention of it for the same use stirred a little renewed interest for me again! But I could buy another doll with that kind of money…

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