Dollectable Panels!

amused.jpg Thanks so much to all that attended! Your kindness and enthusiasm made this a truly wonderful and fun weekend! I haven’t hosted panels before, and everyone was very awesome, and asked lots of cool questions etc.
I’m so exhausted though! We totally crammed to make this the best we could, I reeeally hope I didn’t suck. Now, we pack for europe. Oy! I did four panels, one being with Aimee & Elizabeth on BJD and the hobby in the U.S. I didn’t shop at all! Except for one little on sale jpop wig! I did reeeally well (I thought) at the swap meet, which will all go towards Masha. YAYAYAY. Hugs to all I barely got to talk to, and all the cool new people I met who were awesome. Yes. And congrats to the Dollectable team and volunteers who made it all seem to run surprisingly smoothly. Wow. Also! We got to bring Butter the first day, she was so good, and sat quietly during all my panels. Butter is love.
I’m so rambling, I need to go to sleep.
Sorry, I’ve killed my bandwidth, must take down files now!
Here are my panel take-homes and slideshows, for your edification. I can’t leave them up forever, they are 1.5 meg files each!
Big Note:
I’ve updated my face-up panel supply list (on the slideshow pdf above). I mistakenly recommended ACETONE. What we’ve been using as a strong but safe face-up solvent is not acetone, it is a proprietary formula used at my husband’s work. It smells like acetone to me and I never questioned it as it is in an unmarked bottle. Mr. Kallisti questioned me about mentioning it when we got home and we discovered the mixup.
Acetone is not considered safe for resins or plastics. He’s tested it, and in small doses doesn’t seem to damage the resin, but it is definately not recommended! I am very sorry we didn’t catch this before! I’ve updated the presentation!


5 thoughts on “Dollectable Panels!”

  1. Oh, thank you for posting the PDFs, they are very useful! I need to add to my face-up supplies so your info is handy. Plus it’s an interesting coinscidence that in the last 24 hours I have now run across three corset patterns/instructions so I think I better try sewing something up!
    thank you Becky, your package is on the way and have lots of fun in the Alps!

  2. I’m a spanish girl and I read your blog since last year, and finally, I’ve decided to post a comment…(I’m a bit shy, sorry)I hadn’t heard about Super-Dollfies before, I was searching “gothic lolita style”, and I found your fantastic dolly blog. I fell in love with Ondine Alice immediately, and then with Fifi, Miette (who looks a bit like my sister!)…all of them, they are so special!
    Now I know a little more about SD (I’ve been reading all the information I could, but I don’t have a SD…yet) and I think your girls are the best. Of course, this means that, for me, your work is the best that I’ve ever seen. You are very stylish, the way you combine the clothes, the wigs, the eyes…with such good taste. And, of course, the wonderful face-up. You are an ARTIST.
    And also your posts about anything interesting, like films, history or books, your Bastille’s day parties and so on makes me think you’re a very special person too.
    Oh, I think you have a fan in me!
    I’m excited because you’re coming to Europe, even if you don’t come to Spain (I would be so pleased to meet you). I hope you enjoy a lot. I’ll miss your post and I’ll be waiting for your pics!
    Best regards
    À bientôt!

  3. I attended you photo stage class and your corset making class, and they both were great!! I had so much fun and I’m so excited to work on making my own photo stage now!!

  4. Hi Becky,
    I attended your Salon de Blastmilk at Dollectable. You were so cute and funny and personable. You did not disappoint. I was too shy to say hi though, which I now regret…since I like you a lot…and your hubby was so supportive. I am a fan…and I agree with so much Christina said above. I saw Butter on Sat when you were walking outside Clarion. Wonder if my Piper the Italian Greyhound and your Butter could be friends. Hope you are having a great time in Europe, and looking forward to reading more of your blog. Wishing you the best.

  5. Hi there!
    Like Cristina, we often read your blog but we never post any comments. But we enjoy it a lot visiting you here!
    We are from France and live in Versailles and we have seen that you will travel to europe. If you want to visit Versailles and meet some french BJD collectors, tell us, we will be happy to welcome you and take some pictures in the gardens of Versailles (Esthy works there, so you don’t have to pay to visit if you want 😉 )
    Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you want!
    Esthy & Lulla

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