I hate admitting miscalculation. But I should have known better.
Volks Zoukies Sax Blue eyes look almost identical to HG Baby Blue.
Lovely, but… gah! *stabs self* I think the auction pix were much paler… That is why I bought them. I thought they were nearly a clear blue. I should have checked the faq first, and I would have seen they were bright, light blue. UGH.
Also, followup on the Volks store opening: Tiki brought up a good point that I am also very concerned about. Having a rabid internet fan base of thousands does not always translate to successful flag ship store in LA.
I desperately am hoping they hire some serious U.S. MBA style ninjas. Even if they keep it boutiquey. They need to make sure it is successful.
And then open a sister store in San Francisco. And hire me.
In the mean time, who else is planning to be there for the opening?

2 thoughts on “disappointed.”

  1. That’s something I’d luv to see. Can’t fly, though…scared. Too far to drive. Way too far to walk. Guess I’m stuck here in O-HI-Yuh.

  2. Where did you hear about the store being in L.A? I’ve been hearing “New York” but it’s all been so hush hush that it could been just someone’s wishful thinking. XD;

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