Demelza at Hanging Rock

So. Much. To do.
Finally found the camera yesterday. I thought I had put it down somewhere weird a few days ago, and we’ve been cleaning and arranging like mad and still couldn’t find it. Turns out kitten knocked off the desk and it fell behind. Bleh.
SO. Finally here are pix of Demelza at Hanging Rock. Ok, so there aren’t any appropriate rocks in my front yard, but she’s havin’ a nice snack anyways.


I’ve been desperate for a similar outfit for ages, as “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is definately in my top eschelon of favorite films. There were simply a glut of Anais II dresses on YJP, and for decent dollars. It is gorgeous, the detail is superb, the bloomers are so sweet. She came with a bonnet, but I swapped it out for a little hat from Michael’s that looks surprisingly like the straw hats the girls wore in the film. I got a nice carrot mohair wig (real mohair, woo) and I love all the wispies. I filled the picnic basket with dolly beer.

[click for full gallery!]