Dear Universe,

You know I love the rain, but if you ruin my satellite connection for the Bleak House series finale I’ll just perish! (yeah yeah, it plays on 3 other channels all week. but I want it NOW!) Also, I can’t spray Mr. Super Clear in the rain (sorry Mercy, but the Eyebrows Mach II look FAB!!!), so I’m making a fairy ball gown for Aschenputtel. It might suck. But it might not. I hate when you can’t tell till you’ve spent two days on a project whether it will suck or not.
Speaking of Gilly (Anderson), we saw Tristram Shandy on Friday night and it was fantastic! Had serious gut splitting moments where I thought my eyeballs were going to explode. But best part??? LIBERTINE PREVIEW. Dude, I think I have a bodice ripper boner. March 10th.
P.S. I’m sorry I caused all that cancer.

Little Princess Alice themed Doujinshi

One thought on “Dear Universe,”

  1. That is some fine artwork, what is the exact title…? I’m thinking a purchase is in order.
    Sorry to hear about all the rain but least the sky didn’t dump snow on you right (we got 6 inches here) and it’s been between -5 and 10 degrees all day >__<
    It’s all about the bright side with the weather.

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