Dear Universe,

I’m tired! Lookit what I did today!!! Amazingly it is only 11pm.
I retardedly have to go into work tomorrow to push some flash files to the homepage :p dammint. Hopefully they will be there early early so I can leave. Or I will be severely out of sorts. I so want to get to Torrance before 5pm.
I am very excited about the weekend. Please forgive me if I haven’t signed onto many of the extra curricular activities. Despite my demeanor of bubbles, I actually suffer from Mrs. Bennet syndrome and have terrible NERVES that frequently send me scurrying for the chaise and scrabbling for various drowsy potions. I need downtime between all the exciting bits. Heh. Oh yeah, and I also probably have a broken foot bone. SO YEAH. It hurts. Yay me.
I am, however, very excited to put faces to people I already feel close to. And sad for those who aren’t gonna be there. Meh.
In other news, lookie! So much happier. I loved this dress but just couldn’t do it justice. It looks so HAPPY here. Teehee.
So this is over and out until Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who has bought my crap ^_^ it was so appreciated!!! I got everything shipped except the Rosalia dress, whose kind recipient is being most patient by waiting for tuesday shipping.
By the way, I am bringing all four of my Volks girls. Whether or not all them will ever leave the hotel room at one time is another story, but I couldn’t leave any behind! So Fifi & Demelza are snuggled in the CH carrier, Lulu is in the violin case, and wee Miette is curled up in a cute handbag in delicate shades of shell pink fake leather. Mew!