Dear Internet,

Dilemma. I am considering naming a new doll after a doll that, sadly, is no longer with us. While the name in question is more appropriate for the impending arrival, I find it rather macabre to name a fresh youngin’ after the dearly departed. Even so, I am inclined to do so against my own better judgement. While, the name is perfect for the little bundle of joy, I am not quite clear on the moral ambiguities and possible unforeseen consequences of such an action.
Please discuss.
The no longer Bereaved

4 thoughts on “Dear Internet,”

  1. Could the new arrival be named in honor of the original, the way people name children after great grandparents and such? Or be a sort of reincarnated spirit or metamorphosis of the original?

  2. I don’t see a problem with it…you could look at it as honoring the first doll. In the past when childhood mortality was high, people named new children after deceased siblings quite often…If the name works for the new one…use it.

  3. I agree! I would think it would be fine as long as you don’t have any bad emotions/memories tied to the last girl. Or maybe a variation on the name?!
    Good luck

  4. If you are uncomfortable with naming her the same name, maybe you could make it her formal name, but give her a nickname?
    Or maybe you could imagine that your new doll is possessed with the spirit of the old one, and thus the name would make perfect sense.

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