DD… sigh

I ran across her on the japanese side of the Volks site awhile ago, and Armeleia just posted this scan (mew!) from the new Volks Dolpa13 catalog of a new LE beauty white Yashiro Kasumi ver. original goth.
So. Fab. If I were to buy another DD, she would be it. White skin, the new body, gorgeous eyes, wig and the costume is loverly. But I have been placed in a dollie holding pen. Have cancelled all existing orders (yes, ALL of them) and am not even sure if I’m going to try for Liz or not, for which I’d have to have a fire sale to pay for.
We’re saving money for bigger, better things. And dollies, as gorgeous as they are, shouldn’t get in the way.
So. My hobby pays for itself from now on. The honeymoon is over.
In actuality, all my girls have been paid cash for, and most of the cash has been raised by repurposing other funds or selling stuff. For which I am very proud. Recently it is the constant barage of clothing and accessories that kills me, probably. Ugh! I’ve got to hit the sewing machine from now on.

3 thoughts on “DD… sigh”

  1. Meh… welcome to my world… so much you want not enough monies to buy it with ^^;

  2. I know how you feel. My dollies have to pay for themselves for now on, too. I still have 2 SD-sized dresses to sell, along with some other handmade things that I might just put into a grab-bag sort of deal on ebay or something.
    What really got me is that when I sold one of my dolls, I got the approx. amount to buy my Kurenai, but when I bought my Kurenai I ended up pulling about $400 out of my personal account. Which means that I had spent $400 on dollie stuff and other personal things without even thinking about it.
    I really need to get ahold of myself from now on and keep a closer eye on my dollie spendings

  3. @______@ that DD is absolutly gorgous waaaaaahh I’m not going to be able to buy anything though since I’m gettin anais ^^; BLAH

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