7 thoughts on “Dagnabbit, gar!”

  1. Ohhhh she looks cute… I can see the potential. I can also see a beauty mark on her face somewhere too… like by her lip on the right side…. mm yes, beautymark…

  2. hi, i�m from mexico city and it�s the first time i enter to this site. I got so in love with all the dolls that i would really apreciate all the information that u could send me to know everything about them. Thanks and really, those dolls are master pieces.

  3. I had a near heart attack when I saw her this morning; I litterally swooned like a love-sick boy. And Heath had my eyebrows up as well. I like his narrowed, calculating gaze.
    And I, like you, just spent an obscene amount on dolls this month.
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

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