I’ve got a nasty cold. I’d so far avoided getting sick this season, aside from sniffles on New Years. But this one hurts. Throat: ow. Head: ow. OW. And I have zero sick time accrued at the new job. Lets hope it doesn’t progress, I could still work as it is.
On another note, SHE’S almost done. Just waiting to be strung. Eeeeeeeeeeeee! You have no idea. Need to go get some five minute epoxy to glue her hip joints and we’re done! But Mr. Kallisti is in the middle of a very long email. Squirm.
Tease, the Blastmilk Lab:

Unoa definately get the vote for dolls with the cutest knees. Also, the most fun to paint. Their little features, though petite, are a dream. I should have done mauvy-rose lips but I cannot resist the red. I’m addicted. So. Luscious.
*pokes Mr. Kallisti* C’mon!

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