Customizer’s special

But when it’s a LE Mini Super Dollfie Lilith, we forgive the yjp snipers who drove the price up 6,000y in the last minute. Meh. At least we are trying very hard to.
Thanks to Mia (♥) I’ve traded for this gorgeous & poofy Merveilles dress. And look who the model is.

Now, Merveilles is one of my faaavorite dollie designers. It was their gothic french revolution style outfits on a Mimi that made me bring Fifi home as she was in the end. Superb.
This is SO what I’m going for in a MSD. Squeal! I can’t believe she’s coming home. I’ve coveted her since pix were first released. She’s a mini Kyon girl who looks like Anais! And she will be my first pure skin snow. Meow, meow, meow.

And the actual doll I’m getting. She comes with her Lilith box, (tousled) wig and eyes, but not the original outfit. Here she is looking decidedly NOT snow-skin. Phoo.

The pix just have her tousled wig on crooked and the auction states that “a makeup eye wig slip is the thing of Di Town & Country” & “Since it is merely medieval times, I think that there is some dirt” and that “since there is individual difference in the method of touch, it may be better the direction which can carry out esthetic by itself.” Which I take to mean there is some small cosmetic flaw, and/or dirty legs or something, and this should be bought by someone not afraid of customization. Still, I got her for much less than the last one that went on YJP, and considerably less than FCS.
Um, now I have to have a fire sale to pay for her. She’s coming home sooner than planned because I became obsessed. I’ve been coveting all my saleables for future (hopeful) Sasha release or WHATEVER. But such is life. Wah! Please stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Customizer’s special”

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see this sweet faced, “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” girl being transformed into one of your most intriguing and fabulous characters!

  2. ^___^ I love lillth/f-6 too, congrats on getting her! I’ve been hoping to get one too oneday, big anais must come frist though *drools* anais… ^^

  3. oooo! that outfit is so cute! but who is Merveilles? is there anywhere online i can learn or see more?

  4. CONGRATS! You will work such wonders with her I am sure – and that Merveille outfit is gawgeous, their stuff never ceases to amaze 🙂

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