Ack! I’m totally allergic to the Volks cleaning sponge. Anybody else cough like mad when using it? I thought it was the Volks cleaning spray, but then I started buffing without it and *hack* I’m dying!
Today is Dolly Day. Redoing Miss Nicneven’s face, and giving her body a good buff (and repainting her nipples, they’re so perky they rubbed right off! have to get that girl some protective pasties).
We’re also going to suede Demelza (finally!). As cute as the pure skin sd10 body is, she’s floppy and doesn’t sit up. Poop!
Also… starting on the F05 customization project. Mr. Kallisti is taking a mold of her first. He also customized a dremel tool into a sanding ball to gouge out the back of her eye sockets. He so smart.
Made a nifty discovery. I noticed this with Miette too, that the optional head beauty white is a little bit whiter than my FCS beauty white Fifi . As it turns out, the brand new F05 head matches the white Lishe body almost exactly. I didn’t really think the F05 head would ever be her own doll, but if I really like her I know I can get a Cerebus Project body and it will match fairly well. Mew.
Oh, and we totally went in search of Bigfoot yesterday. I bet you thought I was kidding. More on that later… I just don’t want to waste daylight documenting the saga 😛
Also, I’m beginning to come around to the idea of a FCS F16 pure skin snow Sasha. I’ve seen a couple lately who are totally chic. But Volks might surprise me by re-releasing her this year. *dreams*


One thought on “*cough*”

  1. This might sound strange, but if the mold he’s taking is going to be a silicone or rubber mold, I’d recommend doing it before you’ve completely wiped her face. I’d even recommend a layer of Mr. Super Clear. I’ve found that sometimes, the rubber can slightly yellow resin or vinyl. So it might be a good precaution?
    Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you do with your F-05. 😉

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