cool things

Joann has made a blog-style doll eye database!
Just sent a buttload of beeeyoootiful eye images. Please to send her your eyes.
Also. OMFG. Ajumapama stabbed me with LOVE this morning.

And yowza! Dollheart held a competition earlier this year for designers and they did an amazing job recreating everyone’s work. Too much loveliness.
Also, have you ever bid on a BUNCH of YJP auctions with ridiculously low bids hoping to at least scoop up one thing for a bargain and then WON EVERYTHING?!?! Oops. I won 4 auctions this morning and a couple BIN. Celebrating my quarterly bonus is one thing, but I didn’t mean to celebrate THAT MUCH! No silly coffin backpack for me.

2 thoughts on “cool things”

  1. Simply Magnificent!
    I just so happy that you started talk about dolls more …I am sure you are still hurting from N-O but I really like you more joyous and crazy for dolls!!! Don’t worry for your new baby… I have a good sense to tell you that you will receive her just in time maybe the 31 … Stay yourself and don’t forget to keep money to eat!!!

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