Cinderella returns from the ball

The last four days have been a dream! We just arrived home (Monday night) and are still unpacking and sifting email.
Oh, the joy. So many friends, new and old. Everybody rocked! Rawr. Even Mr. Kallisti was very sad it was all over and happened so quickly.
So many kisses to all our loves! More after some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

One thought on “Cinderella returns from the ball”

  1. Dear Kallisti,
    Just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your site while researching BJD’s and you have been most informative as well as inspirational. I chose Tiffie, a Soul Doll, and I am awaiting her arrival next week. Your site has given me incredible ideas and is just gorgeous. You are a true artist.
    I also have a couple of questions. Have you any information on clothes other than those specifically made for BJD’s that will fit Soul Kids? Tiffie is a Soul Kid and is 16 1/4″ tall with 7 1/2″ hips, 7 3/8 chest, 3 1/2″ shoulders and 5 5/8 waist.
    Lastly, I have a 1970s Blythe redhead who is intact, but her hair is really messy- tangled and not shiny and lustrous as it should be. What can I do to remedy this?
    Thanks on all accounts!

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