Can you feel the rain?

Introducing Miss Merry Wink, a premier Liebchen (#7!) by Fancyboots. Weeeeeeeeee! And yes, she was named after a little motel I saw a sign for up in the Sierras on the way to Tahoe :p
Pictures can’t do her justice. She’s 16″ and so delicate and petite. Her little fingers and toes are all seperated and wee. And she’s entirely sanded and blushed, what a treat! Her resin is to die for, the palest blushy pinky white. And she poses amazingly well. Her little arms are masterpieces.
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Diep wins the bloo ribbon prize for most beautiful dolly lips ever. That is all.
Oh, except for 283743 more pictures. And yes, all that bloo light is RAIN. Been raining for weeks here. As soon as I clear the christmas stuff out we’ll have more pictures of Miss Merry and the girls. Medora got the spa treatment! But right now the christmas tree is in the way and makes it very difficult for dolly pix. Meh.

I love her little melancholy face. Meh.

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